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So many colorful picture or moment did not cure my depression. then I started reading, its little boring in the beginning but in few days I started feeling good. I started thinking...yes..thinking about life...real life.. 

There are so many ways to hurt people.But never try to follow any of them.when others will do the same you did, That's gonna hurt u too ..

 It does not matter how slow you go so long as you do not stop 

You must rise to a higher level of thought, to get out of the situation that your actions have got you into.
No one can stop you doing anything, the choices you make are yours, & the consequences will be yours as well
The future is nothing but the past relived, if you do not have the ability to change.
Your mind will judge your more harshly than anyone else, for in the end, it will be a matter for your conscience.
Be full of life, so that there is no space for anything but happiness within you.
You please God by loving people, with that love, people can become the person God intended them to be.
Strength is built within, if the will to overcome troubles is not there, then the barriers you create will not fall.
When confronted with a problem, ask yourself, what is this problem teaching me, for at the root there will be understanding.
The love you give today, is an investment in the future, for the future is seeded by what you sow today.
Love is a mirror, if you see no reflection, then what you see is in an illusion, reflecting from your partner
Only a life devoted to love can bring the peace of heart & mind you seek.
If you never listen to yourself, do not be surprised if life becomes confusing, for your deepest needs will go unheard.
 It takes but one thought to change your life, one positive thought, so why do you spend your time thinking negatively.
In nature everything that lives, is in harmony with its surroundings, yet when harmony is lost, everything begins to die
You cannot make a sheep behave like a wolf, so what makes you think you can be anything else but yourself.
People often over look the simple answer, thinking that only a complicated solution will solve their problem.
It does not matter where you come from or what you did in the past, all that matters is where your life is heading now
You are inferior to no one, others may treat you that way, but that is their problem, you are above all of this.
 It takes courage to love, if you do not have the strength to walk through fear, then love is not for you.

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